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Nelson Low Voltage puts the power of personal protection within your reach. Whether you are in the market for a fire alarm or require audio/visual installation, we offer the same solutions as larger competitors at reasonable prices. From initial contact to final follow-through, we take a unique approach to customer service and will never leave you hanging. You can rely on us to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our Low Voltage Systems Solutions


Control where personnel and customers are permitted within your building with an access control system from Nelson Low Voltage. These systems use card readers, biometric scanners, and other technology to restrict access to unauthorized personnel. All entry points – doors, elevators, garage doors, parking gates – benefit from an access control system. 

Our access control systems use an internal database to log each transaction. Every access point in your building connected to the access control service maintains an accurate accounting of use. In the event of an unauthorized entry, you have a record of all activity to help pinpoint the problem so you can take corrective measures. Some access control systems integrate with CCTV surveillance systems. Ask us how to pair the power of access control and CCTV for optimal protection. 

Data Communications

We are a reliable and affordable telecommunications and security solutions provider serving Albuquerque New Mexico, and surrounding areas. 

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business world, the integrity of your data and phone systems is non-negotiable. Our expert network design and installation solutions safeguard your data and phone systems to ensure maximum performance. 

Hardwired solutions and facility-wide wireless access are second only to a dependable phone system. Nelson Low Voltage builds the infrastructure for all your data and technology needs. We ensure your team is connected and operations are running smoothly via a strong data infrastructure. 


Businesses of all sizes must protect their investments. Installing a high-quality fire alarm system is one way to safeguard your business from unnecessary losses due to fire damage. Nelson Low Voltage can install single-building fire alarms, complex fire alarm networks, and everything in between. Our low-voltage fire alarm solutions protect everyone on the premises by making it clear when an evacuation is required. Our systems have the option of directly notifying fire departments and other emergency responders for quicker resolution. 

Surveillance Systems

Theft and vandalism are just two of the problems low voltage surveillance systems help prevent. Nelson Low Voltage is a full-service, low-voltage surveillance system solutions provider. We offer access to top-notch surveillance systems, plus expert installation services. Among the features available in our security alarm systems include:

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) uses a combination of surveillance cameras, digital recorders, and monitors to keep a watchful eye in and around your premises. Setup options include the ability to live stream security footage and record it for later use by law enforcement. 
  • Intrusion Detection Systems incorporate a network of motion sensors, panic switches, and other technology to secure your building against intruders. Optional monitoring services are available that automatically alert local police when sensors are activated. 

Our Expertise

Locally owned and operated

Nelson Low Voltage is Native American-owned and operated. In business since 2005, Jeremy Nelson provides superior service at affordable prices. From the owner down to every member of our team, we operate with the utmost integrity. Superior customer service, coupled with quality products, is a top priority. We serve all your low voltage needs in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

Professional and experienced

With 16+ years of experience in the low voltage industry, Jeremy Nelson has the technical knowledge to provide solutions for all your low voltage wiring and structured cabling needs. Our top-notch customer service means you are satisfied with our services, or we make a return visit to your business within 24 hours to remedy the situation.

Fast and reliable

We live in a technology-saturated world. Much of the way businesses operate depends on IT solutions working smoothly. From security and surveillance systems that protect proprietary information, to data cabling solutions designed to power all your multimedia needs, downtime can hit your bottom line hard. You can trust the team at Nelson Low Voltage to provide fast and reliable service.

Continuous customer service

We are not a “one and done” kind of service. At Nelson Low Voltage, we treat every customer like a member of our extended family. Offering continuing customer service is one of our top priorities. When one of our low voltage solutions is not operating as expected, a technician will be on-site within 24 hours to evaluate the situation. It is our promise and commitment to follow through on all your service needs after the initial installation is complete.

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